Fitbit challenge from my son’s friend…

Like I spoke about in a previous post, we wake up in the morning and we think we’re going to do a certain thing and God has a whole different plan for us. I just ironed out a lot of kinks from my busy day and decided that I would run to the post office to pick a certified up and shoot over to Lowe’s and have my wood cut for the windows up the front of the house and was dying to swim but I checked my email and got a Fitbit challenge from J dub at 9:23 AM and I’m just now seeing this. So I’m going to ask for a handicap on that of about 6000 steps because my guess is John already has 10,000 steps in The last time him and myself and my son did this I found myself outside at 11 PM walking and walking and walking so I can beat those two Younghans and I did ! I am going to have to wear my walking shoes and take myself over to Lowe’s and walk and walk and walk and that’s not gonna be very hard to do because there’s no help there at all so generally one walks and walks and walks anyways . 😳😂😭 I just put on my Fitbit and I have a whopping 22 steps I better get busy LOL

Jealousy can eat at a person’s soul until it consumes them….

Boy am I glad I was never blessed with a little green monster. I’m happy for even my enemies to succeed. So I had a pretty rough morning. For starters, I have water leaking in my basement and my furnace guy came and thinks he fixed it and charged me $100 and it’s still leaking so I need a plumber now. Update: he fixed it, once we dried up the water it was the AC unit hose clogged. That cost me $ 100 and all we had to do was pull the hose out and unclog it!!! #Thankshusband

I got a call from the Lowellville Village today about that $2600 fine. They said they had a private councilman meeting and they decided since I stand to make a lot of money from the house they’re graciously going to allow me to go through with the sale but they think they’re going to tack the $2600 fine on my home when I sell it even though the fine belongs to the previous realtor. Wow so generous of the Lowellville Village to allow me to repair a run down vacant home in their village and then charge me for a 2600 fine on the back end. I was born at night boys…but not last night. I can just tell you I started to laugh so hard and I couldn’t stop and he asked why are you laughing I think that’s a pretty good deal considering you’re going to make a lot of money. I thought to myself…he did not just say that! I said you are not a realtor, you do not know what the home was appraised for, and you do not know what my expenses are there so therefore, you have no idea how much money I’m going to make from the house. I said if you guys, in that meeting, determined who is going to pay that fee based on who has the most money at any given time, please send me $10,000 because at least one of you probably has more money than me. I filed a complaint with the mayor and I told him please tell your village councilmen that I need some money this week and since they have more than me please send me a check. I have never heard of anything as ludicrous as to what he said to me on the phone. I’m literally laughing at how they feel who should pay that fee based on who has what money…. are you kidding me . The broker of my agent is going to talk to the title agency and re-run the title and submit the bill to the bank. And I informed this inspector to stay off my property when I get there because you no longer have permission to be there and what you did to me was discriminatory. Waiving the fee for a man and billing a woman who wasn’t responsible for it is a lawsuit buddy . Sometimes you just have to deal with crazy people all day and then God will gift you with good people the next day 😍😭😂

Imagine a 14 foot open closest design….

That’s the type of closest we will be putting in the fourth bedroom once the wall is up. Here’s the idea….it’ll be something in this area but better because I’m designing it!!!!

These open closet ideas are very trendy and they are not for you sloppy disorganized people. Stick to the closet you can shut the door on. I would love one of these….I think it’s going to be one of the major selling points because the bedroom will have a sliding barn door which I’ll be working on this week. There is an amazing window in there and one on the opposite the front of home in living room and planning on these if we get the time to get them made….

He did not just say that to me…..

So I was having an issue with the village saying the Freddie Mac’s listing agent ignored his letters, phone calls and certified letters about allowing the village inspector inside the home for a routine inspection and because they didn’t; the home now has a $ 2,600 fine on it and he said he generally passes that on to the buyer. Not this buyer…..I told him I’m not paying that fine, I didn’t incur it and I’m not paying it. I said listen I’m not expecting you to pay for my bills and I’m not paying for someone else’s and he said……..well you got the home for 28,000 and it has a 90,000 value, and I know you paid cash for it………no you didn’t just say that to me……let me get this straight. I found the home, watched it for two months, fought it out with another bidder with remarkable strategy and you think because I stand to make a sizeable amount I should pay a prior realtors fines? Is that what you said and he said ya that home has a value of $ 90,000 because the one down the road just sold for 100,000. I said let me first correct you…I paid $ 32,525 for the home and the one down the road needed extensive up-dating, had a bad yard and only 3 bedroom and 2 car garage and the one 250 yards away from my house is on the market for $ 125,000 and it’s ugly, 1970 inside, no garage and only 3 bedroom so you’re way off on what you think my home is valued at. Mine is 4 bedroom, 4 car garage and totally renovated the way I do it…..2020! It’s not valued at $ 90,000, it’s valued between $ 110,000 and 125,000 and that’s what I’ll be asking so your about ehhhh $ 35,000 off the market value and if I don’t get my asking price, I’ll hold it out as a rental and avoid all those hefty tax fees…I wanted to rent it anyway…probably the better thing to do financially and informed him I’m still not paying that fine because Freddie Mac said I don’t have to. Isn’t it amazing how people think they should profit from your brain work and ideas. There are a lot of people that think this way this inspector thinks. There’s a whole class of people that don’t want to do any of the leg work, work hard in life and they will just ride the shirt tails of others hard-work……this world is made of all kinds.

Some of the negatives of flipping a home… and there are quite a few !!!!

Because the closing has some niches they had to fix, I didn’t want to lose any days as far as getting a house flipped, finished and back on the market so I went to Lowe’s and picked up my 40 six inch baseboards and painted them at my home. In the picture, you can see some 12 inch Lauan that is cut and painted and finished and those are the boards that I’m shiplapping with in the one dining room wall. Even though I have my delivery to the house set up for August 1 or sooner when I call Lowes, don’t ask me why, but Lowes always ends up shipping some stuff to my address here or some stuff to a home I haven’t even closed on yet and I specifically told them not to ship anything there until August 1 or when I called. Last house UPS brought two fans and left them in the pouring down rain and they were ruined so I had to get credit for them. But anyways this stuff is really clogging up my garage so I loaded it in my car hoping I close by tomorrow or Friday so I can get it out of my jeep 💁🏻😐 and now Lexie is coming today with my grandson, and I wanted to go eat at Subway because I’m starving and I can’t so there’s a big negative of flipping a home ….. I can’t go to Subway today when I want to go 😕😖🙄😲😳 I’m sorry for the use of all the emoji’s but I really like that open eye and the rolling one 😳

Oh the sound of the electricity turning back on……

As I talked about in the previous post, we plan our days but God has a different day planned out for us. Part of it went OK, I got up at 7 AM got all my 🧹 done, got all my cleaning done, got my last two loads of laundry done, and decided I would go out to the garage and work on this piece that I went to Evan City Pennsylvania to pick up. Just as I was preparing to go out the door to paint this piece, our electric went off. They said it would turn back on at 11:30 AM, but about 20 minutes ago I heard everything in my house turn on and I felt like I just hit the lottery! So I will be getting the rest of my day on as I had planned until He decides he wants me to do something else.

I didn’t get a chance to post about my trip from hell to Evan city Pennsylvania, but I’m going to tell you about it now. I have been looking for a 1930s 1940s dresser with little skinny legs that are raised and everywhere I looked they wanted 200 and $300 for them. I wasn’t ready to part with that kind of money for one of these because I was leaving it at the house I’m doing now. So I have this app called letgo and you can put your ZIP Code in there and you can find whatever you want close to you or not close; depending on how far you’re willing to travel for the particular piece that you’re looking for. Obviously, I wanted this piece for under $50 and I didn’t want to drive two hours for it. So I found the exact piece I was looking for in Evans city Pennsylvania. I went back-and-forth with this girl named Marcy to iron out our schedule so I can come pick this up. We decided on a day, and I headed out on yet another dangerous adventure to someone else’s house. I’m always very careful when I make these pick ups, my son is constantly telling me don’t do this, he will ask me what address it is and so will my husband, but I tell them I’m a grown adult and I know exactly what to do and I don’t enter the homes so you guys don’t have to worry. 😩😳 And I always carry a box cutter with me and I’m always prepared for the worst. But sometimes you just gotta have that piece and you just gotta take that chance.

As I was leaving to go get this piece, my husband said what’s the address you’re going to so we know where you’re at. I told him where I was going, and he said wow that’s really out there I’d be really careful if I were you. I looked at him like he had absolutely lost his mind and I said, how far out in the boondocks can this be when I’m just hopping off of 79? He looked at me and he just rolled his eyes and I was like what is he doing this for. So I got in my car, and I got to be honest with you I was a little skeptical after he said that because he was from down in that area so he would know. Let me just tell you, 😳😳😳😳😳😳 my GPS took me on a route called 528, and there were at least four occasions when I thought I was going to die descending down this ski like a slope with guard rails on both sides and 100 foot drop offs. I thought about turning around but it wasn’t possible at this time because of the guard rails and the mountain like drop offs. By the time I got to this woman’s house, I was shaking so bad and I kept thinking to myself why did I do this now I have to go back the same way up the cliff. Halfway into the trip, I lost my GPS signal on my phone because I switched to T-Mobile because it was $80 cheaper a month and believe me it wasn’t worth it that day. So I finally arrive to her home, and I knock on her door, and she comes out to the door. But before she came out, I was looking all around, and I didn’t see this piece outside anywhere, and generally the people will have them outside because they really don’t want you in their home either. And I’m thinking to myself she’s gonna want me to come in that house, her husband or boyfriend is gonna be hiding around the corner with a hatchet and I’m going to be kidnapped and shackled for a period of seven years and then stuck in the freezer in the end. So I text my son to tell him the situation because my husband is really lame with his phone and my son replies back in all capital letters MOM DO NOT GO INSIDE AND DO YOU HAVE YOUR BOX CUTTERS. So of course I definitely heed his very good advice because it’s been working for me all these years, and I’m still alive and not in some basement somewhere shackled up ready to put in someone’s freezer. 😭😳😂 She comes to the door, and straight off the bat she says come on in it’s inside the house. She looks really safe and I want to go in but I know I shouldn’t. So I said Marcy I’m sorry but I don’t go inside the homes. She said oh no really it’s safe I’m a single mother and my daughter isn’t even home it’s just me here. So I start to have this conversation with her about how dumb that was what she just told me. I told her you had no idea who I was and you just told me you were home alone with nobody else in the house. So I told her I still wasn’t coming in and she kept insisting that I come and I said Marcy this is not my first rodeo picking these pieces up. She said it’s too heavy and I won’t be able to get it to the door. I said Marcy go in the room and take the drawers out, that is why it is heavy, and bring the drawers to me and she did. Then I told her to drag the dresser to the door way, you stay in the back inside your home and I’ll get the front outside the home and we will take it to my jeep and that’s what we did. I’m happy to say I got the piece that I wanted although very rough drive there and I was able to find a different route home to avoid the cliff like hill. So I finished it up this morning when our electric came back on and I wanted to show you the before and after. I do have some touchups to do on it, and I have to finish the bottom of the legs yet but it’s pretty much done. I don’t know if I said this on my post, but it might go in the extra bedroom that we’re adding, there is going to be an open concept closet in there and this piece will be in the center of what I’m setting up in there . Wow that color is way off the mark….this is a deep navy not even close…I’ll have to take another tomorrow with better lighting!!

Closing issues ughhh

So as many of you know, I have been trying to close on this house for a week. There was an issue with the Lowellville Village not being able to get in the interior of the home for an inspection, which I didn’t really care about because everything they would’ve found in the home we were already going to fix. But I got a call from the village inspector today, and he said I wasn’t going to like the news he had as he had sent me a certified letter out.. So I said what’s up Nick…. Just tell me now before I get the letter so I don’t have a panic attack in the next 24 hours. So he listed all the things which I knew we were already going to fix it. It was no big deal to me and then he said you’re not gonna like the next thing. Apparently, he’s been trying to get inside the home for four months on an interior inspection through the Realty Company and they ignored all of his certified letters and they were fully aware he was fining them $50 a day until he got inside the home so there’s a total fine of $2600 in fines owed on that home that someone has to pay. The village inspector said generally the buyer pays it, and I said well this buyer isn’t getting nickel and dimed this time. He proceeded to tell me the house has a value of about $100,000 and you’ll make a lot of money. I said to him buddy I paid 33,000 for the house I have $5000 in repairs and a $7000 material bill I did not let him know that I got discounts on my material it was none of his business, there were back end fees in realtor fees, and often times the seller will say will you help with closing there’s another $5000, there’s Irs…they want 40% of my what I made. Do I stand to make a sizable chunk of change yes I do and I deserve it because it was my risk that I took, and I’m not going to pay $2600 fine for a realty company that was too lazy to let the village inspector in the home for four months. So the majority of my day will be spent figuring which of the four groups are going to pay the 2600 and I’m not going to be in the mix. The inspector did tell me if he would work with me on it if I could get some of the other people to pay and I promised him I would get all of the other people to pay all of it. This is how you lose in these deals when things like this come up and it starts chunking at your profit before you know it you got 20 grand gone in a second so you have to put your foot down and just say no and know that there’s another house down the road.

Yes I’m on Restoration Hardware again about their prices……

So I’m just going to reiterate again how silly I think you are if you’re buying lighting from Restoration Hardware. They have come out and admitted that 35% of their product is sourced from China . In 2017, 40% of it was sourced from China. And my go to lighting place is in China. They are a big supplier of some of the products that Restoration Hardware carries in their stores. A lot of their lighting comes from Aliexpress in China! I spent a little bit of time last night looking up some lights and comparing restoration hardware with my go to and I’m gonna throw a couple of photos out there and show you how close they are to that product. And if I wanted to spend lengthy time searching, I guarantee I would’ve found the exact same lights!

The first two pictures are some black iron orb lighting. I bought two of the lights from Ally express and I have them in my family room, and then I bought two more of the same lights to put up in the new flip because I love them so much in my house. I paid $55 for my lights with free shipping from China, and the same lights that are eerily similar to the ones I bought are substantially more at Restoration Hardware. Restoration Hardware wants $1055 for a light that I paid $55 for at my go to . The other two photos are a picture of some loft lighting that I really like. Restoration hardware wants $300 for the same piece of loft lighting that you can get at my go to store for $8.90 with free shipping. Go figure. I’m half tempted to buy all of my go to stores lighting and open up my own lighting store and sell to all of you fools! I’m not sure what the hype is about that store. Is it just that you can say I went to restoration hardware? If you say that to me, all I will do is roll my eyes and think are you kidding me and I will secretly laugh at you all the way to my bank putting my money in the bank . I’m going to add some more pieces in here that are exactly the same because I want you to see the price differences on a lot of them . I just added those two lights below. They’re a little bit different in size and shape and dimensions but they have the same concept and one is 89.95 and one is 1295. I think for $1200 I can deal with the variance… how about you? Ok I found the exact light at both places in the second picture and it is available in black. Notice the price difference ….269 at my go to store and about 1300 at restoration hardware.