Working on some curb appeal waiting for Matt to get there ….

So before I go into my long post about how much fun it was up there today just imagine me rolling my eyes right now, first things first is soon as I took my shower after a long day I had some roasted marshmallows ! 😍😍😍

I arrived up to the house somewhere around 8:45 AM and I brought with me my power washer because I wanted to power wash the house and all the concrete that was black on the deck that I need to clean so I can paint it. As soon as I got there I noticed my lady Joyce sitting on her front porch having a cigarette. So I thought it would be a good way to start my day out and chat with my lady. 😭 She has an exact same situation as I do with her daughter so we have a lot to talk about but she is also at the point I am where you just wash your hands of it Because we realize that no matter who they put in their lives from the boyfriend to everybody below it is just a total train wreck and we don’t want part of it so we just moved on but anyways I probably killed about 45 minutes longer over there then I should have LOL

I went back over to the house and I had to hook up my power washer and I had to squeeze in this little tiny spot behind the deck to get it screwed into the Spigot back there and it looked like the concrete at the front of the house had never been clean I mean I’m not kidding you when I tell you it was completely black. I’m going to post a couple pictures of the concrete and then beside that there’s another photo the deck was also completely black so I clean that readying that for the deck restore which I’m going to be doing in a gray color with white spindles . Really is quite amazing what a power sprayer can do for curb appeal. I did have a little issue with trying to get the receptacles to work in the living room on the I was using those for the power sprayer so I called Matt and he said I’ll be there in 10 minutes when he got there the breaker was off in the box and I don’t mess with that electrical box because I’m not about trying to get myself electric heater before this little shindig of a project is done. I did have a little issue with trying to get the receptacles to work in the living room as I was using those for the power sprayer so I called Matt and he said I’ll be there in 10 minutes when he got there the breaker was off in the box and I don’t mess with that electrical box because I’m not about trying to get myself electrocuted before this little shindig of a project is done 😳 I kind a like my skin unmelted!! One green man in western Pennsylvania is enough !!!! Concrete was so black and dirty that I even managed to get some artwork in with my power sprayer LOL

I realize that I had milked enough of my time messing around outside and I was gonna be forced to go into the basement and we had been working on removing tile from the basement from yesterday to today 1200 ft.² of it to be exact and if you can just imagine me on my knees scraping this tile off of this nasty basement floor when out of the blue I had a terrible Uh oh moment. I stopped dead in my tracks and I looked up at Matt and I said Matt what is the probability that the tile we been playing with for a day and a half is asbestos and I don’t know why I asked the question because I already knew what the answer was because I know everything about asbestos when they made it when they were forced to stop making it what products have it what’s friable was non-friable and I know this because I had it abated from my previous home and anytime I come across something in my life I will read about it and I will know about it inside and out. Mats reply to my question…..the probability is very high I would stand up right now. I went outside and I don’t know why I started to get a real scratchy throat and I was coughing and I convinced myself that I already had mesothelioma . He came outside and said I wouldn’t worry about it too much Cyn it takes a long time to die from something like that . 😳 And he’s like plus I’m going to die too because I breathed it. Ofcourse I went straight out to the garage and got a mask and wore a mask after that but I don’t know I’m going to try to convince myself that it wasn’t asbestos even though I’m pretty sure it was. This goes back to however much money I make from the house I deserve every single last damn dollar of it because of things like that .

So I decided at the last house I did I miserably and pegged how many dumpsters I needed miserably wrong. My timing was off on all of them I was disorganize I didn’t plan the tear out well enough to line my dumpster up at the right time and I ended up having to get three dumpsters which cost me $1200. I vowed this time that I would only get one large dumpster and I would map it out perfectly so I only needed one for 400. I opted not to get the dumpster when we were tearing out all the things in the basement because I miss calculated how much stuff would be in that basement. so my intention was to pile all the stuff in the basement out in the driveway which would give us the next weekend when Matt showed up to get the rest of the tear out done and get everything to the dumpster because you’re only allowed to keep them for seven days and anything after seven days I think you either have to give them your right or your left arm I’m not sure LOL it’s just expensive to keep them longer . And so here’s a picture of what we pulled out of the basement and so I definitely miserably pegged that wrong again because I should’ve paid for the dumpster to be there and got my timing better and my timing was off. I was trying to coordinate one large dumpster for that tear out the upstairs tear out and my roofers asphalt shingles. Since I can only keep it for seven days and Matt only works on the weekends it was kind of hard to figure out when to have it be there . I’ll have it there this Saturday when he shows up and I don’t know who’s going to load that into the dumpster but I certainly know who’s not going to load that into the dumpster and her name isnt Cyndi . 😭🥰🤪😜Tearing all of this paneling and studs and what not from this basement made me so angry at the previous homeowner that I was irritated with somebody that I never even met my life. We kept saying to ourselves how in the world does anybody live in this basement like this

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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