First day, two people, the dreaded basement tear out yikes

OK let me just say that I had felt and I still do after today’s long six hours of work that this basement was going to be the biggest headache of the entire project and I’m pretty sure I was on point!

Matt started tearing out the basement and I had a huge Rhododendrum that I wanted to take out of the side of the deck so I used these big pruners and I removed that ugly thing and then I trimmed some of the shrubs up front and of course I was trying to avoid going into the basement to help him because to me that’s spider zone . 😳 I had told myself from day one I was not doing anything in that basement until it was power washed down and painted but I was very wrong. I messed around outside as long as I could possibly trying to stall the inevitable!!!

Just to tell you, with every swing of my prybar, my hammer, and anything else that I can get a hold of that had substance I pretended I was swinging at a person who annoys me deeply and that made this terrible job go even quicker. The prior owner must’ve used nails that were 4 inches long and he Literally found any kind a piece of wood that he can find in some kind of scrap yard to nail down there. We tore every ounce of paneling out of the basement we tour the framing walls off the concrete walls we tore the bathroom walls outta the bathroom we tore everything out of the basement and brought it down to its natural original basement. Our thought in doing this was of course to expose any issues behind his ridiculous paneling frenzy and to allow the buyer to come in and see that space for what it is and for not what it was!!! Matt came up with some great ideas when we were all done so I’m so looking forward to see what this basement looks like in the end. I was tearing out the small bathroom which I guess probably really wasn’t all that small but it was disgusting it had some kinda tiles into the walls the framing was all wet the wood was all wet the place was falling apart and we just came to the conclusion that we would just knock everything out of it and start from scratch and re-design our own bathroom down there so that’s what we’re planning on doing . The guy actually had built a false wall behind the shower and when I knocked out all this heavy block tile there was a glass block window right there going outside . This man had to be the master of Jerry rigging because I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. Keep in mind we basically tore out 1600 ft.² of living space because these people lived down in that basement with the kitchen the bathroom the bedroom.

I had mentioned to Matt that I hadn’t seen a single spider down there so I was kind of happy and he looked at me and rolled his eyes and said that’s because I saw 55 of them . 😳

It got to the point that I was so hot that I told Matt I was going to go to the store and get us something to drink and there’s this little store called Ross‘s market like three blocks away and I think he thought I was going there 😂😭🤣 but the air condition was feeling so good in my jeep that I drove all the way to Struthers went into Family Dollar got what I had to get in there and then returned. When I got back he said where in the hell did you go for drinks I said Struthers and he was like Struthers are you serious !!! 😊😀

I’m going to post up some pictures of what we’re doing down there it’s pretty gross but first I’m gonna go check on my macaroni and have my dinner cause I’m starved!

First things first 💕

In the above picture where I had the X there was a big wood burner we removed!!!

I’m not going to say anything about these pictures just that it wasn’t fun and I’ll post before/afters because I want the basement to be something that lets buyers have a vision of an entirely new space.

I’m officially in the zone, and I’m not going to allow the three D’s, dumb, dumber, dummy…. her, him, and his stupid girlfriend … Those three D’s can live their miserable existence of pathetic lives while mine flourishes 💕

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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  1. Sounds like fun- can’t wait to see it

    On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 3:05 PM Oops Did It Again wrote:

    > Cyn posted: ” OK let me just say that I had felt and I still do after > today’s long six hours of work that this basement was going to be the > biggest headache of the entire project and I’m pretty sure I was on point! > Matt started tearing out the basement and I had ” >


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