I was supposed to work a full day……

Today was Lexie’s day off and I thought before I went to the house to work I’d stop and say hello to Kellan and I would take her for a couple of things to pick up whatever she needed to get and we would chitchat for like 30 minutes. Kellan was upset he didn’t get to go with as he had just woken up . I always make a joke that any trip with Lexie is at least a $100 bill. 💁🏻 As soon as Kellan found out Nina was coming up he wanted to go with us but he wasn’t ready so we left and came back to get him. I had planned on just taking him to McDonald’s to eat and then bringing her back and then going to work. Of course as soon as he got in the car he said Nina will you take me to Chuck E. Cheese’s 😳😳😳 His father had dressed him up so cute with the new clothes that his mother bought him of course, 💁🏻 and I just thought to myself how can I tell him no. So we head on over to Chuck E. Cheese’s and get inside there that bill cost me $27.49. I said Kellan do you want to go to the dollar tree next-door and get some snacks for your movies later with mommy and he was like yayyy grandma yes so I just told Lexie to get whatever snacks he likes and get whatever you need that was a $25 bill in there. And then I took her down to the post office because she had to send some certifies out and that was $15.76 there . She said she didn’t get paid till tomorrow and she was low on gas money because she had to make double trips because someone had to bring her to work because of her license situation so she asked for $10 of gas money which she never asks for any money so I was like yeah. Lol Everything is ironing out with her though. Tomorrow’s are good….they teach lessons and give you a second chance to fix your yesterdays. Def going to try to get a half day in tomorrow. Once Matt shows up there for like 20 hours this Saturday and Sunday he’ll get a lot done and it’s going to make some big progress .

By this time it was somewhere around 3 PM and I never made it to work at the house although I did get some stuff dropped off there early in the morning. But tomorrow is my big Lowe’s order day and she asked if I would take Kellan to the dentist over in Niles Ohio and then drop her off at work and then can I watch Kellan the rest of the day because the father had to work. I love how this father was able to escape working for eight years, she gets into a mess and he thinks I’m going to go to work and work part time and just take her car whenever I need it and not worry about a babysitter and leave that mess up to everybody else. Kills me. In a car we bought….to boot. When I hear father and work in the same sentence I have to pinch myself . So I was thinking to myself how am I going to pull off two huge truckloads from Lowe’s and I have to check off my paper as they’re unloading because they tend to forget things sometimes and watch Kellan at the same time 🤔 I came home and was talking to my husband and he said he would come up and get Kellan after the dentist and take him back to our house to swim until I was done with my truck there so his dad‘s gonna pick them up at six or thereafter so it’ll work out.

I did try to explain to my daughter that I’m going to need like a month and if you need me to do this you two need to get your heads together and I need to know schedule and time so I can help you out like this because I made a commitment at this house I have to finish up!!!

That’ll teach me to stop by and say hello LOL .

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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