It’s about to start getting into the nitty-gritty …..

So far I’ve had the lawn mowed, taken a few things up, called a driveway sealer and having one electric garage door installed as a spider crawled on my hand lifting that thing up … Matt’s first full day is Saturday 7 am and mine is tomorrow just because I want to start demoing a few things. My husband loaded his trailer for me and we will park that right into the garage. Had to get a new 36” door for garage because the previous home owner jerry-rigged some old damn door there! August 1st which is Thursday my full order is coming and I’ll put the new door in and surprise Matt! I might be watching Kellan so I’ll bring his Jeep to drive. 😂 Security system is heavily fortified and I can see it from my app…big week approaching. I found out from my new group of friends, that Lowellville village has a big 1 ton dump truck and if you call them for 20 bucks to fill it completely up and take it for you so instead of me getting a dumpster for 450 I’ll just get 5 of those and tip the guys on the last one! Love my new gals!! They even load it for you!!

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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