My first semi-official trip to the home by myself….

So today was my birthday and we all weren’t having dinner until later so I thought why waste a perfectly good day on remembering I’m older. I decided to take up a lot of things to the garage and noticed the garage door was loose and saw it didn’t have a strike plate and was heading to Lowe’s to make sure my order was set for delivery but mostly because I ordered Sherwin Williams paint there in 5 gallon cans and needed to mix my two colors. I went to the pro-desk, okay I’m just going to say this now and get it the hell over with! There is one guy at the pro desk that I don’t like, never will like and didn’t like today either because he’s that lazy employee that will follow the rules that make him be lazy. He always gives me this song and dance about not being able to cut my wood smaller than 18 inches because it’s just the “rules of Lowe’s”. Last year I needed just 1 foot section of drywall and I asked him if he could slice a 4 by 4 foot piece in half for me because I forgot my knife. He said, “I’m sorry it’s the rules of Lowe’s that we can’t slice drywall for employees”. I said are you serious…he said “Oh maam yes I am” in that drawn out cocky voice of a Lowe’s employee that just wants to sit at the pro desk and sip on old coffee from the morning. I was so mad as I had spent $ 7,000 in there and this annoying ass couldn’t run his bladed knife down the paper part of this drywall so I could fit it in my car. I wanted to break it over his head. I saw another contractor in there, big guy, so I said hey can you do me a favor and he said ya sure whatcha need….I said this Lowe’s employee won’t run a knife down the paper so I can snap it and fit it in my jeep so if you just hold it like this…and he held it away from his face and I said hold it tight and I kicked that board so hard and split it in half and said here you can clean this mess up with your broom or is that also a rule you can’t use a broom in Lowes. The contractor was dying!! When I left, putting the jagged 2 ft piece in my car he came up to me and said that was byfar the funniest thing he’d ever seen and I said I didn’t mean for it to be funny I was really mad at him!

So today, yes, it’s the same employee from the drywall incident telling me he can’t cut my 5mm plywood into anything less than 18 inch strips because the “rule” is nothing less than 18 inches. Now I could not kick those so I said okay fair enough. He’s like I can’t even help you with any of this order because you didn’t go through me..he said next order if you go through me, I can give you a 10 percent discount as a Lowe’s pro…I said well I already get 10 percent off with mover coupons and another 9 percent off through my retailmenot account and even if I didn’t, before I gave you a dollar commission I’d pay extra. I then had to walk all the way down to the pick up desk and asked them if they could cut my poplar in 8 inch strips and they said ya, took it back and cut it. I purposely pushed my cart passed him and said hey look I got it cut because not everyone is lazy like you……he said who cut it (so he could write them up I’m sure) I said he was a new kid…I think his name was James Bond! I can’t stand that guy…..legit had someone cut it so I could show him as I walked by!! He told me you know we aren’t a lumber yard here……I said Home Depot will cut your finger off if you ask so you better become one or you’re going to lose business. Long birthday!! Every single time I go in to that Lowe’s that lazy cow is sitting behind a desk sipping coffee, texting and laughing about personal things. He boils my blood. 🙂

So I make it back to the house, it’s hot, very hot and I don’t even want to get out of my jeep to put this strike plate on…..I realized that the reason there wasn’t one is because the door won’t lock with it and the previous owner jerry-rigged the entire door as in…look here’s a 36 inch steel door without a frame so I’ll build a jamb and cut the lock set hole even though I misaligned it by an inch and it won’t work. So I added a new 36 inch pre-hung door to my order!!!

I was so frustrated over the days event that I took my crow bar donning my sandals for dinner, headed up to the kitchen of this house and on the way by I smashed it into an ugly mirror in basement and it bounced off and never broke the mirror, went upstairs and started to tear the paneling out of the dining room because it’s so damn ugly that it gave me a head ache and I’m tearing and ripping and tearing and it’s not coming loose at all at the base at which time I also noticed that he also laid ceramic tile right up to the paneling and then put grout in it instead of the way it’s supposed to be….the paneling then tile…ughhh so I quit doing that and decided I’d take the bathroom oak door down, bring it home and TSP clean it, sand it, prime it and paint it white and I kid you not…I could not move this door one inch so I text Matt in a frenzy and he said “calm down , I’ll be there soon”. LOLOLOL I’m sure he wanted to say something else but he’s too kind!

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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