She closed it and didn’t owe the fine…… Did anybody think it would go any other way 💁🏻

So after three or four more days of a haggling with about 10 different people, I finally closed the house on Thursday, and we had Kellan for three or four days so he got to go to his very first house closing. My husband and I were laughing saying a four-year-old going to his first home closing !

I went to Austintown today to pick Lexie up from work and I also had the baby so I was bringing him back home and after she came out we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and she talked me in to getting five buck boxes. She bought me a real pretty plant for my birthday tomorrow and she handed me this card that she wrote out herself. I read the card and I could barely get through half of it and I started to cry and before you knew it she was crying and it was just a really nice card it was things that she should’ve said to me a long time ago and I just really like the card it made my day Kellan had fallen asleep in my jeep coming from the bouncy house and Lexie picked him up and put him back in his car seat and strapped him in and he slept all the way till we got to dinner. When she got in my jeep, I just kept staring at her and she said mom why do you keep staring at me, and I said I don’t know but you look absolutely gorgeous Lexie and she told me there was a man in Walmart that had stopped her and ask her if he could take a picture of her because he wanted her to join his good looking girl club and she was like this guy is out of his mind I forget what she told me she told him but it was hysterical. I took her and Kellan back to the flip so I can get the keys because I didn’t want to go back there by myself it was getting kind of dark and you never know so I took her with me and we unlocked the lock box in the garage and I got the keys out. I took Kellan out of his car seat and I asked him if he can help me use the keys to get into the garage and he was in charge and got the garage door open!,,,hen Lexie got out of my car, she was like mom nasty there’s blood on the side of your car door in the back I said that’s not blood I watched your son wipe his chocolate chip hands on the outside of my car when the window was down through the rearview mirror. I took her and Kellan inside and Kellan walked into the basement and went back to where the bathroom is at when he walked in and he was going crazy this bathroom is so awesome look how nice this bathroom is 😳🤔 and I was like Kellan don’t touch anything don’t touch anything don’t touch anything….. honey that is the ugliest bathroom you’ve ever seen in your life come back in a month and Nina will show you something really pretty. So at some point when we were eating or sometime during the evening he said to his mom…Mommy are you coming back to my house. She said Kellan it’s my house and your house and he said no it isn’t it’s Nina and Poppy’s house. I heard her ask him Kellan do you want to live with Nina and poppy and I’m pretty sure he said no. Lol

So I left the garage door open when I was there with Lexie and Kellan and then I drove them home it’s about four blocks away returned to the house to back up my jeep in the garage to start organizing some of the stuff I’m bringing up there for the renovation. I have to post these two pictures for you guys because this garage is amazing and it’s a renovator’s dream because it has hundreds of those little cubbyholes that I can organize everything under the sun. 😍 As you can see on the photo on the left, I already started organizing some of the stuff I had in my jeep and that’s hardly anything so far LOL

So after I got the little things up in those little cubbyholes that I had brought for my first trip up, I saw the three ladies in the home across the street chatting on the front porch and they have been there every single time I’ve gone there. I walked over and introduced myself I sat down for a good 45 minutes we chatted away about the previous owners and they had me laughing so hard that I almost didn’t want to leave. I was saying oh my gosh that garage is so amazing and the one lady who had told me she was a registered nurse said they never one time ever parked the car in the garage and I was like what do you mean they never parked the car in the garage and she said to me well he worked for this company that had gas pumps there and he would steal gas from there. He had at least 50 to 60 gas cans in the garage and they said we always waited for it to blow up one evening . 😂😭🤣 So he couldn’t park any cars in the garage because he was storing his stolen gas. LOL They said they had card parties in the neighborhood and every time it became her turn across the street nobody wanted to go because she had remodeled her whole upstairs and she would say, come on up and see all the new work that’s been done here and we will go up and then she would take us back down into the dark basement to play cards… this was some 25 years ago and she never wanted to use it and said they lived in the basement and it was like a damp dreary basement and that’s where she had her card party. I said well if you see her anywhere please let her know I’m tearing her remodeling all out so she saved it for absolutely nothing! 😂😭😜

I can tell you that this may take me a little longer than I had anticipated for the mere fact I’m going to spend a lot of time with these three ladies across the street talking and laughing. LOL One is a registered nurse, one is a schoolteacher and one is retired ! The schoolteacher and registered nurse are sisters that live in the home across the street.

I will for sure post a pic of this crew as they will get me through this. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t even need a security system because all three of them said they’re up till four in the morning sitting on the porch because they can’t sleep . 👍👌

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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  1. I want to be in the old ladies club

    On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 10:04 PM Oops Did It Again wrote:

    > Cyn posted: ” So after three or four more days of a haggling with about 10 > different people, I finally closed the house on Thursday, and we had Kellan > for three or four days so he got to go to his very first house closing. My > husband and I were laughing saying a fou” >


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