Karma has a really funny way of rearing its ugly face doesn’t it…

So if you’ve been following my blog in my posts, you would’ve been reading about this ugly 2650 fee that the Lowellville Village was trying to get me to pay. We ended up getting at least 13 people involved including the Lowellville village attorney yesterday well I guess I shouldn’t say we I should see me LOL yesterday morning I got a phone call from Freddie Mac which would’ve been the sales agents boss because I had left a message last week and he was on vacation and I didn’t know it. Yesterday morning he called me and said he was sorry he was on vacation and didn’t get any of my messages …Let me just tell you that each one of my messages to him became more detailed than the one before guess I mistakenly thought he was ignoring them off whenever he was on vacation. He apologized and said he forgot to hit his little button on the recorder that he was on vacation… quoting the lovely Julia Roberts… Big mistake. But he was here to solve the whole closing ordreal. He said he sent the listing agent to the village to get a copy of the bill for this 2650 so the bank can pay it at closing and the village refused to give a copy of this bill to the agent to submit to Freddie Mac. Whhhhaaaatttt. I had gotten a job about two weeks ago, a part-time job that I was looking forward to starting and I didn’t want to quit the job before I started because of this house because the house will be done in 6 weeks and then I’d want the job!! So I have been trying to balance the training of this job with the closing of this house so that I can get Matt started. The company offered to wait two weeks to start me so that I can get the house closed but as many of you know that closing never occurred in those two weeks. Yesterday I spoke to the listing agent, he told me he got his email from Jeff from Freddie Mac after I had spoken to Jeff and it read like this, I don’t care what you have to do for this woman but I want this house closed like yesterday for her!! So this morning the listing agent called me, and he said they’re working it out today to where the bank is going to pay the 2650 at closing and they’re thinking about closing today or Friday. Those happened to be the two days that I scheduled my training on my new job so I told them it would not work for me it would have to be Thursday so you guys will have to change all your schedules around because I moved on at this point !! #karma

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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