$13.50 barn door tutorial….You heard that right … 13.50 and about eight hours of work!!!!

So while I’m waiting for Freddie Mac sales agent to come back from his vacation and for him and the listing agent to work out the deal on the $2600 fee, I decided I may as well get busy right here in my own home working on stuff for the flip. Once I got my own home in order, I took a trip over to Lowe’s with my measurements for a barn door I wanted to make for the closet in this home I’m flipping .

I generally will buy a 4 x 8 in either Birch or Oak and even the Pine with one side sanded really good as they sell them that way. Those are between 30 and $50, but they’re pretty much worth every single dollar that you pay for them because you save yourself in sanding and filling so you can minimize your time on the board. I wanted to see how cheaply I could make a sliding barn door using pine thats not sanded on either side so I went to work.

I bought the piece of 4‘ x 8‘ rough…3/8 inch thick at Lowe’s and I also bought some wood filler because I knew I was going to need it. LOL Lowes is really good about cutting your wood for you and they always say they charge but they have never charged me yet. So using that $15 piece of plywood, as many of you know me, I use the 10% off coupon so I got it for $13.50. 💁🏻I asked the nice gentleman, his name is Brad, and I will remember that because some of them are very snotty in there about cutting your wood so he said just ask for him and he was fantastic. This week I will find Brad at Lowes and bring him a pizza because he does a lot of my wood cutting for me he’s just a really sweet kid! Now there’s no steadfast rule on the size you cut this piece of plywood, because it’s primarily based off how big of a barn door that you want, how big is your opening and where it’s going to go at. I knew that I was using this particular barn door in the hallway in a closet at this house. I chose that location for a barn slider because it’s a little condensed area in the main hall back in the corner where there’s a bathroom and there’s a little bedroom and I didn’t want someone to be digging in that closet with the door open so I thought a barn slider would work perfect here. These are the things that I was telling you about you have to think about because the buyers are going to notice things like that and I want to have about 15 or 18 wow factors in this house so when they’re deciding which one they’re going to place a bid on they choose mine . I’m placing a second barn slider in the house, and I haven’t decided yet so when I do I’ll post about it here. So for my opening that I’m putting this door in, I chose to have Lowes cut my piece of plywood 90 inches in length by 39 1/2 wide. I walked back with Brad, and I told him exactly how I wanted the board cut so that there was absolutely no waste in the board at all. First, I had him cut three 3 inch strips down the length so that I could use it for the trim around the door and that left me with the width I needed. Second, because the board was 8 feet in length which is 96 inches, and I needed to have it only 90 inches, I got two more of those cut off of the end of it for the trim . I measured my jeep to make sure I could get that large board in there but I just couldn’t seem to fit it in the parking lot. LOL A nice man came along and asked me if I wanted help and I said please!!! At this point, I was dripping sweat because it was so hot outside . He said to me, all you have to do is flip the board the other direction, I smiled at him and I said to him can you tell I was never in the gifted program . 😭😂 His last name was Brest and he was from Mercer so if anybody knows him please tell him Cyndi said thank you very much . 😍

So now for this to Tutorial on how to make it, I’m going to post the pictures and put a caption under them so you can see exactly what I did because now I’m in my garage with my board 90“ x 39 1/2 and I’m going to work .

So that’s the board I had Brad at Lowe’s cut for me. I guess I fibbed a little bit, because I did buy an eight dollar can of wood filler, so brings the door to about $22 instead of 13! You can see some of the wood filler on the board that I used…. I used a putty knife to fill. It’s actually pretty cool stuff because it goes on pink and it dries like wood when it’s ready to sand. It was a real cooker today may be over 90° so it legit dried itself in like two minutes so I had to work pretty fast . I chose to fill in a lot of the gaps and rough parts because it would’ve been just a whole lotta sanding and I told you I was trying to see the lowest cost one I could make since I’ve done it the other way and I never did it this way . I left several of the deeper knots in because I wanted the door to have some character!!

These are all of the 3 inch strips I told you I had Brad cut for me so that I could save money on the door and use it for all of the trim you will see on the door in the end. Keep in mind, I sanded every single edge of every single aspect of every single piece of wood on his door nice and rounded so it would not give anybody a splinter .

So I kind of skipped over all the sanding and the cutting but I did have to cut those boards to measure, everything is sanded at this point, and I also glued all of these pieces of trim down and in addition I also used 3/4 inch brad nails with my air nailer. That by the way is the best thing I ever bought in my life for the $150 it cost !

There is a really good view of it all sanded and standing up and glued and nailed and ready for primer !

That is one coat of Kilz 2 primer on the door and that is the only coat of primer I’m putting on it.


And that is the finished $ 13.50 door using Sherwin-Williams enamel paint. That can of paint was $100 , as many of you know me, I wait until Sherwin-Williams has one of their about 6000 sales a year for 30% off . 😭😂💁🏻 I chose to use that better paint on the door because it’s an enamel and kind a gives it a little bit of a shine and I only needed to paint one coat, and at this point, I kind of was exhausted. It was so muggy and so humid out that I literally put down the paint brush, walked back by the pool area where my husband was reading the paper, he heard a splash, and I legit jumped off the diving board with my shorts and tank top on!!!!

You notice there’s a knot in the top section of the door and it’s kinda big, and I said I wanted to keep some knots there for character, well I’m filling that one in because it looks like a crater!! 😳 I spent at least one hour searching for everything I have packed away to bring up to Ohio because I have this really cool original barn door handle that I want to put on there but I can’t find it but I will find it in Ohio and I will update my pictures . As for the backside of that door, I didn’t even sand it because it was so rough, I didn’t fill it in with anything because it’s a closet door and is not going to see any action, but I will put about three coats of polycryl to seal the wood and lock down splinter issues! And the closet area that this door is going on, is hideous on the inside so I’m gonna make that one of the coolest looking closets you have ever slid a barn door open to see!!!!

Would I use this cheaper kind of wood for a door that was going to be seen on both sides; absolutely not. I would use a birch or an oak because they’re so smooth and they’re beautiful and I usually trim out both sides of the door if you see it from two areas. And those would run about $50 and if it was in main living area separating two rooms I would buy separate trim and not use the plywood trim and it’d take eight or 10 hours of time. I recently made one for a friend and I did charge them $300 because they were a lot of work and I mean a lot of work.

Keep in mind you do you have to buy the hardware to hang it which is about $35 free shipping on eBay . You will need the 6’ foot 6” kit for most door openings if not for all . Let me reiterate this to you guys, I do not hang the barn hardware myself, it’s too difficult and has to be very level and I leave that up to the pros like Matt! If I had to hang one, yes I could, but it most likely would slide shut every time it was opened !!! I don’t like to do that kinda work. I’m too hyper for tedious work!! 😂😂😂

I’m starved and I just yelled down to my son from the balcony hey buddy I’m hungry I’ll buy if you fly he woke up looked at me and went back to sleep . In his defense, he got up very early this morning and went golfing as his scramble was canceled and he and his friends went to Butler golfing on a course that wasn’t waterlogged. So it looks like I’m buying and flying . 🙄

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