Yes….still dealing with this $ 2,600 fee

So now the mayor emailed me and told me that the inspector from the village won’t drop the tax lien so I told him listen I was trying to be nice here to you guys but you are starting to cause me to have stress so I’m going to lay it right out to both of you. That fine was incurred by Western Realty for not allowing you in the home since May for a routine inspection, I was sent the bill and it’s in the name of Western Realty, Harold, he’s a man, and the councilman had a meeting and said they were “willing” to allow me to buy the home but I would be responsible for the $ 2650 when I sold the home as I would be able to afford it….so you want to waive a fee for a man who incurred it and give it to a woman who didn’t incur it? The mayor said he was sorry and he would try to have the lien removed and I gave them until Monday at 1 p.m. and then I would have to take legal recourse through the Struthers, Ohio municipal court. This is utterly ridiculous. So I called the broker/owner for Western Realty to explain to him what his agents did to me as I had written him an email he ignored. This man was crazy, yelling at me, saying I was lying that I never talked to the mayor and I said can I please talk and he said no you can not because you are a liar and you never spoke to the mayor so I promptly hung up on him and sent him another email that caused him to take action to get this closed. I called the mayor and I said remove the lien from my property and put it on the property of one ignorant loud-mouth broker named John Simeone from Western Realty because I have the bill in my hand and last time I checked liens follow the debtor and his company is listed as the debtor. File that lien on Mr. Simeone’s personal property and I emailed that rude man to let him know the law and that the lien is going on his personal home. The agent called me asap and told me that they would have it rectified by Tuesday when our Freddie Mac agent returns from vacation so I gave this circus of clowns until Tuesday. This is unreal…..I’m not paying that damn fine and they are removing that lien from my home so I can close!!! I actually ended up at the Lowellville Village office waiting on them, had a long conversation with the Fire Chief and he was dying at the whole situation and said there’s no way that fee is yours! I then went to the festival and hung out on the deck of this little restaurant/bar waiting for mayor but he had emailed me and said he was sorry and he would try to back that lien off. What a giant mess; this Western Realty made of this closing all because they didn’t follow the certified and let the village in for a basic routine inspection and then won’t pay it. ugggg

As soon as that clown from Western read my email he realized if the village pulls my lien and puts it on his home he has to pay it but if he hurries and closes the bank will pay the lien on my property. A shame what a girl gotta do to get things done.

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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    1. Let me tell you something my sweet little cousin…that fine was a giant pain in my A$$. The bank added to their cost at closing because I told them if I had to pay it I’d find another home. They said no no we are paying it just trying to iron it out with the village…I was like good freaking luck they all have flip phones, can’t email or see their voice messages with their phones.


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