How I got a $434 porcelain backsplash for the kitchen for $182.37….

My goal in flipping this home this time is for me to make maximum profit. So every time I can figure out a way to save a couple hundred dollars on a particular remodel that we are doing, it’s money in my pocket. So I wanted to do a glass or porcelain backsplash, but I know they are sometimes upwards of $900 for just the material so I went to Lowe’ and I found a porcelain backsplash that I really loved. It was originally 9.98 a square foot, I needed 39 sf, and it was 50% off for the next 30 days or so and I capitalized on that and put it in my cart for $4.99 a square foot. I then went back to my other site, and I said in a previous post, if you have not signed up for that website do it now. For every single order that I placed at Lowe’s, I purchased a gift card at that site for $250 and I get a $15 cashback ( 6 %) sent to my PayPal and once it reaches $100 I have it transferred to my checking account. That may not seem like a lot of cash to a lot of you, but my Lowe’s order is around $6000 by the end of this project. So if you do the math and you divide 250 by that 6000 it is a $360 cashback refund going from PayPal to my checking account. But for this backsplash order, I only bought one gift card for 250 which got me the $15 cashback today . In addition to that $15, retail me not was also offering a 3% cashback if you followed your order directly from your account there which I did. That was only 7.00 but it all adds up! I forgot to add that my Chase card also offers a 10% discount if you shop at Lowes but I didn’t use that option because as I mentioned I bought gift cards and used that option which was 6%, thinking back I should’ve just used the Chase card, but to be honest….I forgot….and it cost me 1 percent of that order because remember I still got the 3% cashback by heading to Lowe’s from retail me not …It can get quite confusing when you’re making all these moves! 😳😳😳 I added a few extra things on the order, and I’ll tell you why in about a minute. So I wanted my order from Lowes to total $200 altogether, because I also had coupons that I bought off eBay for a couple of dollars that were $20 off 100, and I wanted to make my order $200 and split it into separate orders to get the full $40 off. So having said that, the original cost of the backsplash with everything I needed for me to install it, which by the way I cannot wait to do, would’ve cost me about $ 434.00. Factoring in an install of 39 sf would run you about 600 in labor, but since I taught myself how to install a backsplash watching Matt on the last home, I’ll be installing. I also purchased a tile saw a few years ago, as I was tiring of running to Lowes to have every piece cut! After capitalizing on the porcelain tile at half price at Lowe’s, and coupling in my numerous discounts, I ended up getting the backsplash for $184. That amounts to roughly, I don’t know, 300 bucks in my pocket….factoring in no labor cost to install adds considerably more savings. You do that 24 times on this house and you’re looking to save several thousand dollars. Now I don’t always find what I want on clearance, but when I do………So this morning I spent about an hour on saving $ $300 on backsplash material which isn’t bad, not to mention I got an amazing backsplash for this kitchen . Don’t think about getting these at Lowe’s Hermitage because this gal bought the last 39 which I’ll probably return 50.00 worth as I bought extra to be safe. When you shop clearances, that’s a must do!!! Normal cost for material and labor for a backsplash install can run between 1200 and 2000 Depending on how expensive of a tile you feel is in your budget. Some of those tiles run $15-$20 a square foot. Update: so when I went to Lowe’s to pick up my tile over in Hermitage, they informed me they only had 20 pieces and that their stock was wrong online. She said we have the balance of 19 in Lowe’s in New Castle Pennsylvania if you wanted to go over and pick those up you can. She ended up fixing the order so she could transfer 18 of my pieces from her Lowes to the other Lowe’s so I wouldn’t lose all my discounts on a new order. And because I had to go to a second store to pick it up and it was their fault, they gave me another $20 credit on to my credit card. You do have to ask for that credit or they won’t give it to you. LOL If you factor in the $50 I will probably have to bring back and that $20 credit, I ended up getting the material for the backsplash for $114 adding more to my savings. A backsplash like the one that I got including installation and labor would cost upwards of around $1200. So I saved slightly under $1100 which adds to my profit . 😀Because of so many things that could pop up in one of these projects, it’s important to save everything that you can along the way because a roof will run you 4 or $5000 and the savings actually helps you when these things pop up. So although it takes a lot of time for me to do these things, I find it vital in making sure that I make a profit that is desirable for the time I have in the project . Nobody wants to spend three months working on something only to find out you made five dollars an hour in the end, I certainly don’t want to do that !

I mentioned above that I added some product to order so I could get 100 on two separate orders for my 20 off and I added two 4 by 8 sheets of plywood which I’ll have Lowe’s cut for my two barn doors! A barn door like I make cost upwards of 900 at Lowe’s, I can make them for 30.00 plus my 35.00 barn door hardware kit to hang so that’s a good deal of savings and I love making them!!! Since the other home I flipped is still on the web with the pictures, the pic below is the barn door I made. I did use oak plywood for this one and that’s 50 a sheet so I had about 90 in this one but still compared to a cheap 400 pine one….this can’t be beat!! I don’t hang them….Matt does!!! If you missed my other home I did….here’s the link for all the great photos! And I do want to mention that the actual physical tile I picked up is 20 times nicer than that photo because it’s a little bit lighter and I was happy about that because the tile floor in the kitchen is kind of light and the cabinets will be white it will look really sharp. I don’t like the grout color in the tile in the kitchen and and as opposed to removing all that tile I’m just going to buy a tile painting kit actually tile grout painting kit at Lowe’s for about 10 bucks .

That photo above there is the oak barn slider I made in my other home separating the kitchen from the living room. When you’re staining oak gray, make sure you do a test area because it does come out darker as as oak doesn’t take gray color stain very well.I know a lot of people cut angles and add trim to make the barn door look like a real barn door by angling the trim. For me, those angled cuts are very difficult to so I stay away from them at all costs and because this house didn’t really throw off that total rustic barn look I left them straight.

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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  1. Wish I was savvy like that😐

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 7:34 AM Oops Did It Again wrote:

    > Cyn posted: ” My goal in flipping this home this time is for me to make > maximum profit. So every time I can figure out a way to save a couple > hundred dollars on a particular remodel that we are doing, it’s money in my > pocket. So I wanted to do a glass or porcelain ba” >


    1. It’s time consuming to do those things I’m not gonna lie sometimes it exhausts me and I’ll just skip it and buy for my home 😂


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