He did not just say that to me…..

So I was having an issue with the village saying the Freddie Mac’s listing agent ignored his letters, phone calls and certified letters about allowing the village inspector inside the home for a routine inspection and because they didn’t; the home now has a $ 2,600 fine on it and he said he generally passes that on to the buyer. Not this buyer…..I told him I’m not paying that fine, I didn’t incur it and I’m not paying it. I said listen I’m not expecting you to pay for my bills and I’m not paying for someone else’s and he said……..well you got the home for 28,000 and it has a 90,000 value, and I know you paid cash for it………no you didn’t just say that to me……let me get this straight. I found the home, watched it for two months, fought it out with another bidder with remarkable strategy and you think because I stand to make a sizeable amount I should pay a prior realtors fines? Is that what you said and he said ya that home has a value of $ 90,000 because the one down the road just sold for 100,000. I said let me first correct you…I paid $ 32,525 for the home and the one down the road needed extensive up-dating, had a bad yard and only 3 bedroom and 2 car garage and the one 250 yards away from my house is on the market for $ 125,000 and it’s ugly, 1970 inside, no garage and only 3 bedroom so you’re way off on what you think my home is valued at. Mine is 4 bedroom, 4 car garage and totally renovated the way I do it…..2020! It’s not valued at $ 90,000, it’s valued between $ 110,000 and 125,000 and that’s what I’ll be asking so your about ehhhh $ 35,000 off the market value and if I don’t get my asking price, I’ll hold it out as a rental and avoid all those hefty tax fees…I wanted to rent it anyway…probably the better thing to do financially and informed him I’m still not paying that fine because Freddie Mac said I don’t have to. Isn’t it amazing how people think they should profit from your brain work and ideas. There are a lot of people that think this way this inspector thinks. There’s a whole class of people that don’t want to do any of the leg work, work hard in life and they will just ride the shirt tails of others hard-work……this world is made of all kinds.

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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