Oh the sound of the electricity turning back on……

As I talked about in the previous post, we plan our days but God has a different day planned out for us. Part of it went OK, I got up at 7 AM got all my 🧹 done, got all my cleaning done, got my last two loads of laundry done, and decided I would go out to the garage and work on this piece that I went to Evan City Pennsylvania to pick up. Just as I was preparing to go out the door to paint this piece, our electric went off. They said it would turn back on at 11:30 AM, but about 20 minutes ago I heard everything in my house turn on and I felt like I just hit the lottery! So I will be getting the rest of my day on as I had planned until He decides he wants me to do something else.

I didn’t get a chance to post about my trip from hell to Evan city Pennsylvania, but I’m going to tell you about it now. I have been looking for a 1930s 1940s dresser with little skinny legs that are raised and everywhere I looked they wanted 200 and $300 for them. I wasn’t ready to part with that kind of money for one of these because I was leaving it at the house I’m doing now. So I have this app called letgo and you can put your ZIP Code in there and you can find whatever you want close to you or not close; depending on how far you’re willing to travel for the particular piece that you’re looking for. Obviously, I wanted this piece for under $50 and I didn’t want to drive two hours for it. So I found the exact piece I was looking for in Evans city Pennsylvania. I went back-and-forth with this girl named Marcy to iron out our schedule so I can come pick this up. We decided on a day, and I headed out on yet another dangerous adventure to someone else’s house. I’m always very careful when I make these pick ups, my son is constantly telling me don’t do this, he will ask me what address it is and so will my husband, but I tell them I’m a grown adult and I know exactly what to do and I don’t enter the homes so you guys don’t have to worry. 😩😳 And I always carry a box cutter with me and I’m always prepared for the worst. But sometimes you just gotta have that piece and you just gotta take that chance.

As I was leaving to go get this piece, my husband said what’s the address you’re going to so we know where you’re at. I told him where I was going, and he said wow that’s really out there I’d be really careful if I were you. I looked at him like he had absolutely lost his mind and I said, how far out in the boondocks can this be when I’m just hopping off of 79? He looked at me and he just rolled his eyes and I was like what is he doing this for. So I got in my car, and I got to be honest with you I was a little skeptical after he said that because he was from down in that area so he would know. Let me just tell you, 😳😳😳😳😳😳 my GPS took me on a route called 528, and there were at least four occasions when I thought I was going to die descending down this ski like a slope with guard rails on both sides and 100 foot drop offs. I thought about turning around but it wasn’t possible at this time because of the guard rails and the mountain like drop offs. By the time I got to this woman’s house, I was shaking so bad and I kept thinking to myself why did I do this now I have to go back the same way up the cliff. Halfway into the trip, I lost my GPS signal on my phone because I switched to T-Mobile because it was $80 cheaper a month and believe me it wasn’t worth it that day. So I finally arrive to her home, and I knock on her door, and she comes out to the door. But before she came out, I was looking all around, and I didn’t see this piece outside anywhere, and generally the people will have them outside because they really don’t want you in their home either. And I’m thinking to myself she’s gonna want me to come in that house, her husband or boyfriend is gonna be hiding around the corner with a hatchet and I’m going to be kidnapped and shackled for a period of seven years and then stuck in the freezer in the end. So I text my son to tell him the situation because my husband is really lame with his phone and my son replies back in all capital letters MOM DO NOT GO INSIDE AND DO YOU HAVE YOUR BOX CUTTERS. So of course I definitely heed his very good advice because it’s been working for me all these years, and I’m still alive and not in some basement somewhere shackled up ready to put in someone’s freezer. 😭😳😂 She comes to the door, and straight off the bat she says come on in it’s inside the house. She looks really safe and I want to go in but I know I shouldn’t. So I said Marcy I’m sorry but I don’t go inside the homes. She said oh no really it’s safe I’m a single mother and my daughter isn’t even home it’s just me here. So I start to have this conversation with her about how dumb that was what she just told me. I told her you had no idea who I was and you just told me you were home alone with nobody else in the house. So I told her I still wasn’t coming in and she kept insisting that I come and I said Marcy this is not my first rodeo picking these pieces up. She said it’s too heavy and I won’t be able to get it to the door. I said Marcy go in the room and take the drawers out, that is why it is heavy, and bring the drawers to me and she did. Then I told her to drag the dresser to the door way, you stay in the back inside your home and I’ll get the front outside the home and we will take it to my jeep and that’s what we did. I’m happy to say I got the piece that I wanted although very rough drive there and I was able to find a different route home to avoid the cliff like hill. So I finished it up this morning when our electric came back on and I wanted to show you the before and after. I do have some touchups to do on it, and I have to finish the bottom of the legs yet but it’s pretty much done. I don’t know if I said this on my post, but it might go in the extra bedroom that we’re adding, there is going to be an open concept closet in there and this piece will be in the center of what I’m setting up in there . Wow that color is way off the mark….this is a deep navy not even close…I’ll have to take another tomorrow with better lighting!!

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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