Closing anyone?

So I had to turn into my usual bitchy self when things don’t get done and I made a phone call to the realtor, the title agency, and Freddie Mac about when I was going to close. There’s no bank involved so we’re just waiting for the title agency to complete the title search and they believe possibly I might be able to get the keys on Tuesday. I looked at the weather and it supposed to rain Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Matt works in the concrete line in a union, and they do not work when it rains so that’s kind of good for me because I will have him there five straight days almost plus the weekend so we’re looking at maybe six or seven days of him, and he will get so much done I’ll have to keep you updated .

So I come out into my sunroom when I want to post on my blog because I use the talk feature on my iPad and I didn’t want everybody to hear me post because it sounds like I’m crazy talking to myself. Not that I’ve never spoken to myself before. 🙂

So underneath this next line here I’m going to post a picture of myself sitting on my sofa posting so you can kind of see where I’m at when I’m doing this .

Me waiting on closing!! 😂😭😩😳

So because we haven’t closed yet I didn’t want to use a lot of time of mine sitting around and I like getting things done so I ran over to Lowe’s today, another disaster in there but that’s a whole different blog. 😩 there’s a lot of paneling in this home that I’m going to remove and there’s some really dark chocolate ugly looking paneling on the dining room wall that is coming off, and I had originally planned to put bead board there after we took it off the wall but today in Lowe’s I changed my mind as I often do …you will see! It’s very important to go for the wow factor in the house so when the appraiser comes in he gives you the best appraisal he can give you because that’s what the bank decides on what they’re going to loan the buyers .

So I’m talking about that wall that I circled in that dark paneling in there in the photo. We are pulling all that half dark paneling out of there, and we had planned to bead board half that wall with the chair rail which I think would be really sharp anyways, but I decided to shiplap that whole wall because shiplap is in and Joanna Gaines will be so proud of me !

So that’s what I was doing in the Lowes besides meandering around a huge big box home store without a single person to help you . 😳 Shiplap can be very expensive if you buy shiplap like Joanna Gaines buys. I decided to ship lap with a Lauan, which is an underlayment they use for flooring. I wanted Lowe’s to rip the 4 by 8 sheet into 8 inch strips but apparently somewhere along the line Lowe’s decided they would only rip 12 inch strips because somebody might cut their fingers up if they go smaller. I asked him in all the Lowe’s stores in the United States has anybody ever cut their fingers off cutting an 8 inch piece of wood and he replied not that I’m aware of so I had to have it ripped into 12 inches. I was mad at first because I really wanted 8 inch, but then I decided 12 inch would be better because that wall is open and it’s bigger so it would look okay.

There’s three pictures below. The first picture is the board after they ripped it which is kind of chopped up as you can see, the second picture was after I did a lot of sanding and the third picture was after I painted them in a Sherwin-Williams paint called the Grey Owl which is another one of my go to paints. If you put it in a room that has all gray it will pop a gray, but if you put it in a room that has all cream and tan colors it will pop a beige. I have not decided whether I’m going all gray in those areas or if I’m going to beige yet. So here’s the deal on the ceramic tile flooring which is all in the kitchen on the dining room and all down the hall. I don’t like it. I hate it. It’s ugly. Someone used 1 inch spacers.It’s dated. And did I say it was ugly. So I had planned on not taking that out at all but I just couldn’t live with myself if I left it there for the mere reason it’s literally 1 inch above the other flooring. There’s nothing worse than looking at a home to buy and realizing the flooring is an inch above from one room to the other. I haven’t told Matt this yet, but I’ve been losing a lot of sleep over that flooring and I really have to have it come out. So having said that, I’m pretty sure I’m going with gray in that whole area.


If you scroll to the top of that kitchen photo with that dark wood on the half of the wall in the dining room, you will see the tile floor I want to rip out of there. LOL

In addition to me preparing that shiplap wall for the dining room today, I also painted 30 …6 inch baseboards. I may have posted earlier that I was tearing out every single piece of baseboard in that house. It was all ugly, different sizes in every room, and just really a bad selling point. I like big chunky baseboard and that’s why I went with the 6 inch and it’s gonna look amazing when this is done. I maybe had 200 dollars in it all and it’ll be a major selling factor!

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