Mom! What were you thinking! 🙈

So there’s an upstairs in this home and it’s actually the attic of the home and there are two bedrooms up there. So when you go up the oak stair case …. which for all you oak lovers I’m going to give you an opportunity to stop reading right now because I will lightly sand all of that staircase and I’m gonna use Kona gel on it which is like a deep dark color stain and the front of the stairs will be painted white because orange oak is very dated!! There’s a little 3 x 5 landing, a 13 x 15 bedroom, and a smaller bedroom that’s about maybe 10 x 10. So my plans for that space up there is to fix the insulation in the attic because the room is so hot and Matt said it was because the insulation wasn’t done properly so he’s going to take care of that inside that little spider probably infested attic that I will not be going in. 😳 I’m sure there isn’t one single spider in there because it’s way too hot. So in the picture you’ll see there’s some really nasty carpeting in those two rooms, and that’s part of what Matt will be tearing out. He will have to pull up the nails the carpet strips along the wall because we will be laying laminate flooring up there. There’s two dormers in there that are pretty cool one of the bedrooms doesn’t have a closet so I’m going to make a closet in the one dormer and replace the window in that room because it’s really bad. It looks like all of the windows, if not 95% of them, were already replaced with new windows so that was a bonus in this house. Two of the walls up there, for some odd and unforeseen reason, have wallpaper on them that they painted over. So we will be steaming that off. It’s going to come off really easy and that will prepare those walls for paint. That whole area in the attic is going to be painted Sherwin-Williams mindful gray one of my favorite colors, in fact, one of my go to colors. I’m pretty sure it’s going to have the same laminate flooring but I can’t promise that I won’t decide to go with the gray flooring up there and return some of what I have on the dark brown downstairs . As my son often says to me … let’s just play it by ear . I originally had thought I would put carpet up there and then I opted against it in case I held out for a rental I’d rather have a laminate there instead of carpet. We’re going to blow some insulation in that attic, make some really cool attic panels and in the one bedroom somebody cleverly made three drawers built into the wall and when you pull them out they take you into that part of the attic so I’m going to trim those drawers out with some really cool leather handles on it and paint them white it’s gonna be really neat. And of course the entire house is going to get all new ceilings painted. So let me take you into the lavender rooms !!!👀👀😩 I’m sorry but I never allowed my children to express themselves through my walls in my home. If they want to express themselves, they may paint their own walls pink, purple, black, brown, bright yellow, bright aqua when they’re old enough to buy their own home!!

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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