Front Room

I started calling this room the “Front Room” because there’s so much cool space in this home I labeled some of the rooms so I can separate which I’m talking about! The attic is “spider room”, the basement is “demo city”, the kitchen is 1960, etc etc. It’s the room you enter from the very front door of the home. This room is going to be amazing to do. As you can see from the photo, someone started and didn’t finish this. I start a lot of things and then start multi-tasking and then I’ll go back to it but this room I would have finished because it’s going to be so fun. They did get the wiring done so Matt has his work cut out for him because insulation needs blown in ceiling, ceiling floor needs fixed, ceiling torn out. It needs drywall, taped, sanded and painted. I was going to put this really cool wood flooring in there but I had to make it and it’s time consuming and then I was in Ollie’s and spotted these great 4 ft by 4 ft carpet squares. I talked also about not putting vibrant colors in and I do stay very neutral throughout the home but do pick one space to pop with some color and I chose these carpets because I loved the color and they will serve this space great. This room is kind of a sunroom/four seasons as it’s not connected to the duct work and we are installing a 2,000 watt 110V baseboard heater with a digital thermostat to keep the room heated when not in use and toasty on cold days. It will certainly be insulated thoroughly and it is over the basement so it will stay very warm. I’m posting pic of the light and carpet as a sneak peak and the room. You won’t believe this room when it’s done!! There are new windows in there as well. I like loft lighting and as I blogged in an earlier post about how much I love love If you’ve never shopped….do it NOW. Aliexpress sells a lot of lighting from Restoration Hardware so for you fools who paid $ 4,000 for a light you can get it for $ 800 there ! Same light, same box, same size. This light for this room here you could not find anywhere in the U.S. and if you did it would cost you an arm and a leg and trust me people; this cost me a finger and that’s it. Oh wait, I lied….you can most likely find this $ 24.00 light at Restoration Hardware for a cool $ 1,200.00. I also said that buyers love unique things and my lighting is very unique. I will be having my lovely certified Ohio electrician, Al, put new wiring in for this light and Al is also a pastor. Funny story about last house. Al was my certified electrician and after he did every thing I went up and there was no light. So I called Al and I said hey Al there’s no light in the home and am I doing something wrong. He said “Miss Cyndi” you have to turn the main breaker on…so I put down my cell, pulled over the main breaker and it lit up like a Christmas tree. I picked up my cell phone and I said Al, he said what Miss Cyndi, so I said, “When God said let there be light there was light”. Great great guy!

If you watch the gallery you can see the two pics of the Front Room’s present condition which is actually good for us as there’s not a lot of tear except for the ceiling. In the other picture is the light and carpet. You have to be able to looking at these pictures and see that light, carpet, drywall painted Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (one of my favorite grays…so soft and light) and the front door on the exterior will be painted with a brand of paint that I love and used here in my home and it’s called Front Door and can be bought at Home Depot. The thought behind there 30 some vibrant colors is that every home needs front curb appeal. I’m not going to say the color I chose but it will pop for sure!

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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