We are waiting to close and Freddie Mac will most likely set closing for this week. Matt, my friend that is helping me, is anxious to tear into the basement and other parts we are tearing out with his music, hammer (30 pound hammer that is) and his fast working technique. This basement, I feel, is the biggest headache and Matt says he will be done in a few hours. I did warn him I will not go in the basement or the attic upstairs due to my fear of giant spiders! He will just go in the attic and tear around with his bare hands and it just freaks me out. I’m going to post five pictures of the basement and keep in mind that someone actually lived in this basement in the 70’s or 80’s because everything is there…every wall is paneled with 70’s paneling, there’s a bathroom that’s coming out, a closet, a bedroom….she gone! We are scheduling the dumpster to be there a few days after he begins to make sure we have it for two full weekends with him there because the cost is $ 350 and I’m not about trying to get two of them. We have the luxury of a huge 4 car garage so we can store what he tears out in there to lengthen the dumpster use. I was so disorganized the first house that I paid for three dumpsters never choosing the right size. Ughhhh what a waste of money. Should have organized it perfectly and got one $ 450 one instead of three $ 300 ones. Live and learn.

So here are the photos of the basement . Pretty creepy, huh. Our focus is to bring this great space back to just a basement so potential buyers can envision it as it was intended: a basement. It’s dry and what a space. It’s huge. It has a bathroom we are redoing, a raised bedroom that has so much potential. I’m going to have to control myself as I know I’ll want to finish this amazing space and it’s just not in the budget. It’s a little un-level on one end but the owner could level it up with concrete and this could be one heck of a space. So I want everything out of here except for one laundry tub. He will be scraping all the old flooring off, tearing ALL paneling, kitchen cabs, sink, faucet…everything. Then power washing it with a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water and he will re-strike any parts of the basement walls that need it although they look pretty good from the exterior. Then we will use a commercial sprayer and Kilz the entire basement walls white. I mean this space is big and at some point if we can’t get reliable and paying renters; the future owner will make a great space down here. We are installing two new windows in the part they used as a bedroom because there were two little spots of water that are apparent it came from the windows so those are getting replaced. The best part of this is that the bank already tore down the entire raised ceiling panels and that’s a bonus and less to do. I will be taking video of Matt working down here and you’ll see what I mean when I say he’s non-stop.

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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