Added Master Bedroom

So today I called Freddie Mac because that’s me….I’ll just go over two realtors to find out my closing date because I have a lot of things to do and everyone is busy and I get that so I just called myself. They are going to try to push it through to this week so we shall see!

I want to talk about this bedroom that we elected to put in. The home listed as a three bedroom home, one on main level and two in attic upstairs. One of the attic bedrooms is about 13 by 15 so that’s nice size the other is smaller. The bedroom on the main level apparently was supposed to be the master bedroom and its size was a minuscule 10 by 9 and there was just no way that we could feasibly leave that as a master bedroom because the home just wouldn’t sell quickly or for asking price. I talked in another post about when viewing these homes look for those kinds of mishaps and see if there is anyway you can remedy it for a quicker and more lucrative sale. I did notice then when you come in the entry there’s a really pretty oak staircase that goes upstairs and it separated the two living rooms. Really one of the rooms was a waste of space. The smaller one was only 12 by 11 so that room we left as the living room since there’s a 13 by 16 finished room in front of home that’s will be four seasons and completed heated. The one on the right was 13 by 16 so I eyed that up as a potential bedroom before I offered. Since it had nice size, we could afford to shave 3.5 feet off the room to create a hall way into kitchen. All we had to do is frame and drywall over the existing door and move door to another wall and build the new wall in the hall way. We also chose this pattern because it was just a 4 foot walk to the bathroom and the other room you would have to pass kitchen up and that would be a bad selling point. That’s why we chose that room because of it’s proximity to the bathroom. There’s a really nice gas fireplace with a mantel in that room and as the master bedroom that would serve a really good selling point. The only issue I noticed on first look was we would have to put a closet in that room and take up another 24 inches of the room taking it down to a room size of about 13 by 11.5 which is pushing it for a master bedroom so I decided to create an open closet concept using industrial shelving and some barn wood to run the length of the 13 foot. Those concepts are really becoming big as a lot of people don’t like the closed dark closet where you can’t find anything in the back corners.

I had two really nice pieces of barn wood each 7 feet long and 11 inches wide so I thought those would be put to great use in putting the 13 foot shelving area up. I’ll go about 16 inches from the ceiling and line it with storage boxes. Then on both sides of the closet I’ll put in two industrial looking shelves about 5 feet high and a bar in center using threaded gas pipe to hang clothes on. Frankly, they are nicer than your traditional closets because they are fully lighted. My electrician will hang a main orb light in the center of the room and three more pendant lights near that closet. I’m going to post up a picture of what I hope it to look like once the room is done! I can get these at Lowe’s after my discount for about $ 75.00 and those are wood shelves so I’d take them off, white wash them and add a bit of gray stain to match the two barn shelves I’m about to show you. I’ll put one of these on each side of the closet…they are 4 feet wide so that’ll take up 8 feet of the 13 feet I have leaving me room for two 5 foot bars to hang clothes on. We will incorporate threaded piping for the hanging bars to give it more of the industrial look I was going for. There is one nice size window in there and it’s about 51 wide and 32 length. The door coming into the bedroom, I do believe I’ll make and have Matt hang a barn slider to match the barn look of closet as there’s nothing worse than having a bedroom door open to a hall when someone is walking down so the master bedroom will slide open and we can put a lock on the door as well. Going to be a great master bedroom I’m sure! #teammattcyndi †Don’t forget to follow me to see the finished products of this amazing home! I’m not totally sold on those Lowe’s builder brand metal shelves so I’ve been watching Craig’s list for some real metal industrial shelving so that could change. But Lowe’s is my back up!

Adding this really cool master bedroom now left the small 10 by 9 to be left for upstairs laundry room or they can enlarge their bathroom which is on same wall of that small bedroom. Now the new owner has plenty of options of what to use the fourth bedroom as.

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